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  • 27 million people are enslaved worldwide.
  • Human trafficking claims nearly 4 million new victims each year.
  • 600,000-800,000 are trafficked across international borders. 
  • Human trafficking generates $32 billion per year, second only to drug trafficking.
 In the US...
  • The US is the 2nd most popular destination in the world for trafficked women and girls. 
  • Nearly 20,000 people are trafficked into the US each year from other countries.
  • More than 50% of the people trafficked in the US are children.
 In Chicagoland...
  • 16,000-25,000 women and girls are trafficked every year. 
  • One third of trafficked girls are forced into prostitution by age 15.
  • Massage parlors and strip clubs are often fronts for trafficking.
  • Warring gangs are now banding together to traffic girls locally.
 In New York City...
  • Nearly 12,000 victims of sex trafficking have been identified, 50%  of whom are children.
  • 70% of people arrested for prostitution in Mid-town Manhattan are forcibly trafficked.
  • Cab drivers are often hired by traffickers to  deliver young victims to child predators.



  In Metro DC...
  • DC is one of the largest US trafficking hubs for sex and forced labor.
  • Thomas Circle is a known trafficking site for underage girls.
  • Traffickers kidnap or coerce most local victims from malls.
  • The average entry age for victims of forced prostitution is 12-14.
  • Diplomatic immunity prevents officials from searching embassies for trafficking victims.
 In San Diego County...
  • The National Institute of Justice has identi-fied more than 38,000 victims of trafficking in San Diego County.
  • Girls barely in their teens are trafficked to drug lords and sold to fund illegal operations. 
  • San Diego is part of a trafficking circuit that includes LA, Phoenix and Las Vegas.
  • Local girls are traffick-ed into Mexico daily. 

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