Gridlock Ministries, Inc.

Creating gridlock in human trafficking and eliminating roadblocks to recovery.
Report Human Trafficking:

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Effective March 1, 2016
Gridlock Ministries will have a new name:
Safe Port Initiative
A new mission:
To provide services and advocacy to victims and survivors of human trafficking and other human rights violations including acts of persecution based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, political ideology or religious affiliation.

An expanded scope of services:
Refuge, advocacy, rescue operations,
recovery services, distance education, scholarships, microenterprise assistance, and a global think tank tasked with developing a cooperative strategy to end the trafficking of persons across borders.

A growing global impact:
Offices in Mexico, Turkey, Lebanon, India and China.
Join us on March 1 at
and become a meaningful part of a global movement
to free the world's citizens from bondage!
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